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A report and online public dashboard that will show the comparative social performance of over 70 microfinance organizations, based exclusively on what we heard from more than 15,000 of their customers. This inaugural Index will provide a picture of what good, better and best looks like for social performance by microfinance institutions—all powered by customer voice. The report launches June 1, so sign up to receive your copy!

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How does my impact performance compare to other MFIs?
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About the Index

Together with 2 Sponsors and 19 Founding Partners, this Index is a first step towards industry-wide, comparable, client-level impact outcomes in microfinance, all powered by customer voice.

By deploying a standard survey for all participating MFIs, we are able to compare customer-level performance for each MFI both for each individual question and for five major impact themes of access, business impact, household impact, financial management and resilience.

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